GENERAL: All sales are made under the conditions listed below. Any specification that does not conform to these conditions must first be accepted in writing by GRUPO ALUALCO.

BUDGETS: Quotations shall be valid for a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date of issue and may be null and void if the market rises are not those established by GRUPO ALUALCO.

WARRANTY AND QUALITY: All our products are guaranteed (see in each case the technical data sheet at against any manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use or application, incorrect handling, incorrect installation when the product has been used beyond its capacity, mistreated, beaten, as well as any other failure attributable to the customer or consumer or when the failure is original due to normal wear and tear of the parts due to its operation or installation. Any material manipulated by personnel not authorized by the company is out of warranty. Small differences between our products in terms of size, color, quality or any other modification in the product, will not be cause for complaint by the buyer. Any claim related to quantity, quality or other defects shall be notified to GRUPO ALUALCO within 48 hours of receipt of the goods, after which no claim shall be accepted. For the execution of the guarantee by means of credit or replacement it is essential to receive the material in question to be able to be analyzed and to determine if this one proceeds. An indispensable requirement for any warranty is the presentation of the invoice and proof of payment. GRUPO ALUALCO in continuous improvement of the quality and functionality, can change without previous notice any of these articles, without this being a reason for claim on the part of the client.

DELIVERY TIME: Delivery times are only approximate and non-binding, and no claim for damages by the customer for late delivery, or other claims or indemnities for breach of contract, are admissible. Failure to meet the delivery date does not entitle the customer to terminate the purchase contract without the granting of a reasonable period of time to remedy the delay (imports of materials and various products (60-90 days). Force majeure causes (wars, revolutions, strikes, natural catastrophes, machinery breakage, mold or die breakage, impossibility of acquiring raw materials, interruption of transport, customs closure, or any other official measure that may affect, etc.) give us the right to delay the delivery time without prior notice. Each operation is an independent shipment, even if several of them are part of the same order. They will be those established according to the explicit agreements confirmed by ALUALCO GROUP. In ALUALCO GROUP we do not have any established minimum order since the customer will pay the transport if it is sent by agency (around 15€ per package not exceeding 10 kilos at national level). If the customer comes to our facilities to pick it up, we will not charge any other concept other than the purchased product itself.

CHARGES: Conditions valid only in the Spanish peninsular territory.

IN PROFILES, ACCESSORIES, LEDS AND ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS: Carriage paid (according to commercial agreements) in profiles over 2 meters, 3 meters or 6 meters would be as special transport priced by weight and length by our agencies. For orders in the Canary Islands: postage due. The customer will send his agency. Due to printing errors, product evolution or constant fluctuations of raw material, GRUPO ALUALCO reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

CUSTOM ORDERS: All orders for cut or manipulated material must be confirmed in writing (by returning the order form sent by fax or e-mail) before they are put into operation. All orders for custom fabrication must be paid 50% in advance by the customer prior to the start of fabrication (as a reservation). In all orders of materials that have not been placed in writing (fax or e-mail) ALUALCO GROUP is not responsible if there is disagreement with what was ordered and served. No order whose payment method is transfer will be processed before receiving the receipt of payment.

CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS OF ORDERS: No returns will be accepted after 7 days from the delivery of the material. Firmly placed orders cannot be cancelled without the conformity of ALUALCO GROUP. In case of return due to reasons beyond the control of ALUALCO GROUP, the material will be paid with a 10% demerit (with a minimum of 10 €). No return of materials will be accepted without the express authorization of ALUALCO GROUP and with the return form completed. Likewise, no return will be accepted if the reason for such return is an error of ALUALCO GROUP. In this case it will be ALUALCO GROUP who will send to its agency. No liability or claim shall be accepted beyond the replacement of the material sent or its payment at the price at which it was purchased. No product made to measure or brought specifically for the customer (which is not in stock) will be refunded, and the customer shall not be entitled to any claim whatsoever.

RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP: The delivered goods remain our full property until they are paid for. The right of ownership subsists even after the buyer has resold the product, until the debt with GRUPO ALUALCO has been paid.

TRANSPORTATION: Any anomaly of the material received or transport incident must be reflected in the delivery note that is signed to the carrier or lose the right to claim. The customer must then give us notice of the incident within 24 hours after delivery, not being responsible in any case if the claim is later than indicated. It is the customer’s responsibility to take action with the carriers in case of loss, damage or delay of the goods. The customer is obliged to examine the goods at the time of delivery and note any anomaly. Failure to make a note on the transport agency’s delivery note or delivery note shall be deemed to be in accordance with the customer’s instructions. If the customer has not given special shipping instructions, the goods will be shipped to the best of our knowledge and by means of transport chosen by GRUPO ALUALCO. The terms of payment shall be those agreed with our customers. The due dates of payments by means of any legally accepted payment document shall be respected punctually. Otherwise we are entitled to charge interest for late payment, as well as the losses caused by the delay in payment. Delays in payment shall result with immediate effect in the cancellation of all commitments of ALUALCO GROUP. The purchaser is not entitled to withhold all or part of the payments due because they have not been acknowledged in any claim, as this does not exempt the purchaser from its payment commitment. Any non-payment or delay in payment cancels the possibility of the credit, paralyzing the supply of materials until the situation is regularized. If this situation were to be repeated, the credit would be cancelled immediately.

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE FUERO: For any questions and discrepancies arising from this transaction, buyer and seller expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the judges and courts of the Courts of Elche (Alicante – Spain), waiving any other jurisdiction or reservation of ownership that may apply.

COSTS AND EXPENSES: Legal costs and expenses, including lawyer’s fees and solicitor’s fees, shall always be for the account of the contracting party who has given rise to them due to breach of these general conditions of sale or of the contract in general.

SUPPLEMENTARY LAW: This contract of sale shall be governed by the provisions herein agreed and, in the absence thereof, by the rules of the Spanish Commercial Code for sales in Spain.

Confidentiality Policy

User data protection

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The purpose of this file is to facilitate the processing of orders and, if you have expressly authorized us in the corresponding box, also to send you commercial communications about products and services that may be of interest to you. guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data provided.

In this way, it undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to protect them and to adopt all necessary measures to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized use.

Therefore, all information about our customers will not be used for commercial purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties. Customers of may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to our e-mail address reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at its sole discretion, or due to a change in legislation, jurisprudence or business practice.

Should make any changes, the new text will be published on this website, where the user will be informed of the current privacy policy of

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